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A Brief Understanding of Telepathology

With the increasing demand of technology worldwide, Telepathology has been progressing into various ways. From social media images to high definition electronically transmitted images, telepathology is taking a new turn connecting various specialists all around the world. So, what is telepathology? What are its various types? Is telepathology is as good as the conventional microscopic examination by the pathologist itself? What are the drawbacks? I’ll try to explain all these questions in this blog post.   Ronald S Weinstein coined the term telepathology in 1986. Telepathology is a process in which pathologists provides diagnosis and suggestions by viewing the electronically transmitted images rather than examining the slides under the microscope. Now these images can be transmitted through various sources such as mobiles, high speed digital lines, satellites etc. most commonly and easily used way is through the internet. With availability of high speed internet and variou

How Sugar Affects Your Skin: Sugar and Skin Health | Acne | Inflammation

Hey!! Thank you for stopping by ☺ Hope you are doing great. In this blog post I will be discussing about how sugar affects the skin health. When going to a sweet shop, my senses becomes all aggravated by the smell, texture and the aesthetic appearance of the items. There is no denying that I am myself a big sweet tooth and loves indulging in various kinds of desserts from time to time. The sweet stuff definitely tastes absolutely delicious which results in more cravings but can cause a lot of problems in our body including our skin health. For me sugar was playing a huge role in the inflammation going on in my body leading to acne. I’ve suffered from both acne and rosacea . I still get hormonal breakouts from time to time but limiting sugar in my diet has drastically affected my skin health. I have noticed that whenever I overindulge in my favorite sweets my acne is aggravated and my skin becomes oilier. Sugar is an inflammatory food; hence it result

Puffy Eyes: Causes and Treatment

There are various reasons for puffiness around the eyes and different ways to treat them as well. In this post I’ll cover up the various causes of puffy eyes and how are they treated. What causes puffiness around the eyes? There are various reasons for puffiness around the eyes- Genetics - if you have genetically puffy/baggy eyes no serum/cream is going to help remove that. Just consult your physician for appropriate measurements. Fat protrusion - sometimes the fat gets accumulated and causes a bulge in the under eye area. Mostly seen in persons above 50 years of age. Inflammation/irritation - certain cosmetics/ skincare products have ingredients which lead to inflammation resulting in swelling around the eyes. Allergies - allergens such as dust, hay fever, certain foods etc can cause swelling around the eyes. Lymph accumulation - lymph is a fluid that is present in the body. There are multiple lymph nodes in our body as well. It helps in eliminating toxins from the b

Losing Hair? : Causes, Prevention And Treatment

With the change in lifestyle, environmental factors, stress and pollution hair fall has become a common problem for both men and women. There are various causes which can lead to hair fall and hair loss in individuals. Before starting any treatment or home remedies it is very crucial to know the root cause behind the condition. If the pathology is known it becomes easier for the doctor or the individual to take necessary precautions and follow a treatment which would benefit them. Just topical treatments and intake of drugs without the treatment of underlying condition will not benefit the person who is experiencing hair loss. An individual normally loses 50-100 hair per day and the new hair replaces the old ones. But that doesn’t happen every time. If there’s some pathology present it would lead to more hair loss than hair growth which would result in temporary or permanent hair loss; depending on the severity of the condition. What are the phases of hair growth cycl