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How to Get Rid of Acne

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Avocado Oil For Lustrous Hair

We all know the health benefits of Avocado. They are a great source of vitamin A,D, E, protein, lecithin and healthy fats. I totally love avocado for my breakfast 🥰. Avocado egg toast does provide a lot of good fats as well as protein to fuel me up for the day👍. Apart from the great health benefits, avocado can be used for beautiful hair as well. I totally recommend using 100% cold pressed avocado carrier oils for hair care routine.  They are easily available online and act as a great carrier oil for diluting essential oils.  Avocado oil deeply penetrates the hair shaft making it beautiful and shiny. It also helps in preventing breakage and protects the hair from heat stress. This oil is highly rich in oleic acid and monounsaturated fats which provide deep conditioning to the hair.   When massaged onto scalp it helps in improving the circulation which provides moisturisation and strengthens the hair roots. As, avocado oil is rich in monounsaturated fats it he

How Sugar Affects Your Skin: Sugar and Skin Health | Acne | Inflammation

Hi 👋 Thank you for stopping by 🙂 Hope you are doing great 👍 In this blog post I will be discussing how sugar affects the skin health.  When going to a sweet shop, my senses become all aggravated by the smell, texture and the aesthetic appearance of the items. There is no denying that I am myself a big sweet tooth and love indulging in various kinds of desserts from time to time. The sweet stuff definitely tastes absolutely delicious which results in more cravings but can cause a lot of problems in our body including our skin health.  For me sugar was playing a huge role in the inflammation going on in my body leading to acne. I’ve suffered from both acne and rosacea. I still get hormonal breakouts from time to time but limiting sugar in my diet has drastically affected my skin health. I have noticed that whenever I overindulge in my favorite sweets my acne is aggravated and my skin becomes oilier.  Sugar is an inflammatory food; hence it results in the inflammation insi

Iron Deficiency Anaemia FAQ’s

Hey everyone 👋👋 Thank you for stopping by 😊 Hope you are doing great 👍 A lot of my patients, relatives and friends ask many questions on iron deficiency anemia. As it is a very common condition in India, I thought to compile up the frequently asked questions in order to answer them in a single post, so that it could make things easier to understand. Many of the people don’t even know they have iron deficiency in the body as some are asymptomatic. So, let’s start with the questions. Q. What is anemia? A. Anaemia is defined a s a reduction in haemoglobin concentration , below the level which is expected for a healthy persons of same age and sex, and in the same environment. Q. What is haemoglobin ? A. Haemoglobin is a protein which in present in the red blood cells that helps in carrying oxygen to the tissues of the body. Q. What is iron deficiency anemia? A. Iron deficiency anemia is the commonest form of anemia worldwide cause by decrease in iron levels in

Losing Hair? : Causes, Prevention And Treatment

With the change in lifestyle, environmental factors, stress and pollution hair fall has become a common problem for both men and women. There are various causes which can lead to hair fall and hair loss in individuals. Before starting any treatment or home remedies it is very crucial to know the root cause behind the condition. If the pathology is known it becomes easier for the doctor or the individual to take necessary precautions and follow a treatment which would benefit them. Just topical treatments and intake of drugs without the treatment of underlying conditions will not benefit the person who is experiencing hair loss.  An individual normally loses 50-100 hair per day and the new hair replaces the old ones. But that doesn’t happen every time. If there’s some pathology present it would lead to more hair loss than hair growth which would result in temporary or permanent hair loss depending on the severity of the condition.  What are the phases of hair growth cycle?