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How to Reduce Swelling or Puffiness Around Eyes

There are various reasons for puffiness around the eyes and different ways to treat them as well. In this post I’ll cover up the various causes of puffy eyes and how they are treated. There are various reasons for puffiness around the eyes- Genetics - if you have genetically puffy/baggy eyes no serum/cream is going to help remove that. Just consult your physician for appropriate measurements. Fat protrusion - sometimes the fat gets accumulated and causes a bulge in the under eye area. Mostly seen in persons above 50 years of age. Inflammation/irritation - certain cosmetics/ skincare products have ingredients which lead to inflammation resulting in swelling around the eyes. Allergies - allergens such as dust, hay fever, certain foods etc can cause swelling around the eyes. Lymph accumulation- lymph is a fluid that is present in the body. There are multiple lymph nodes in our body as well. It helps in eliminating toxins from the body. When this lymph becomes sluggish it tend

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