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Benefits of Glycolic Acid in Skincare

Hey everyone 👋👋 Thank you for stopping by 😊 Today I’ll be discussing about the benefits of glycolic acid and how it might help in doing wonders for the skin. What is glycolic acid? Glycolic acid is an alpha hydoxy acid (AHA) which is a carbon containing molecule. Among the AHA family glycolic acid have the lowest molecular weight which helps the molecules to penetrate deep into the skin. Glycolic acid is soluble in water and usually used in the form of toner, essence or serums. It requires a low pH level to work properly. It also helps in increasing collagen production but this kind of effect is usually seen in cases where glycolic acid has been used for months or years. What are the other Alpha Hydroxy Acids ? The other AHA’s are- Lactic Acid, Tartaric Acid, Mandelic Acid, Citric Acid . What are the benefits of using glycolic acid? The major benefits of glycolic acid are- ·          It helps in minimizing pores. ·          Dissolves the dead skin lay