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How to Take Care of Sensitive Skin : Choose The Right Products

When it comes to skincare, selecting good products for sensitive and allergy prone skin is quite a task. A single ingredient can trigger a reaction on the skin. So, can sensitive skin people have a proper Skincare Routine ? The answer is YES !! You absolutely can create a skincare regimen for yourself from different brands. Just keep in mind the points which I am discussing today in this blog post. If you don't know which ingredients you are allergic to, opt for a patch test or allergy test which are provided by various labs across the country. They will help you to know the ingredients which can trigger an allergic reaction in your body. While selecting products for sensitive skin try to go for fragrance free products which have a simple and clear ingredient list. When you know about all the ingredients present in the list its easier to incorporate them in your routine.  Always stick to a basic routine both in the morning and evening. For sensitive skin it is said that