Parachute Advansed Ayurvedic Hair Oil Review

In today’s post I am reviewing Parachute Advansed Ayurvedic Hair Oil.

I’ve been oiling my hair since childhood. When I was younger my mother used to oil my hair on a weekly basis and I did have beautiful hair that time. In the past few years because of a lot of chemical treatments such as rebonding, coloring etc made my hair really dry, frizzy, brittle and unmanageable. Since one year I am again more focused on the traditional ways of adding nutrients to my hair in the form of oil treatments to add an extra nourishment to my scalp for getting long healthy hair. This is for a fact that I've received so many compliments in the past few months that my hair has beautifully grown. 

For oiling I always love a good concoction of oils which helps in strengthening the hair from within. The main carrier oil which I use to add any essential oil has been parachute coconut oil for a very long time. Parachute is a brand which is not unknown among the Indian population. Their original coconut oil, hot oil treatment has been giving effective results to a lot of people. 

Recently I got a chance to review their new parachute advansed ayurvedic coconut hair oil.

The oil claims to reduce seven major hair problems such as-

  • Hair fall 

  • Breakage

  • Thinning of hair

  • Dandruff

  • Split ends

  • Slow growth

  • Rough hair

Price and quantity- 60 INR for 95 ml and 135 INR for 190 ml


The oil comes in a beautiful blue and orange colored bottle with a flip top.

Active ingredients-

  • Methi- controls hair fall.

  • Nagarmotha- for hair growth

  • Amla- prevents split ends

  • Henna- makes hair dark

  • Aloe vera- makes hair softer.

  • Neem- prevents dandruff and itching

  • Haritaki- keeps scalp healthy

  • Brahmi- increases blood flow in the scalp

  • Bhringraj- for hair growth

  • Kadi patta- makes hair stronger and healthier.

  • Tulsi- cures dandruff

  • Vata- controls hair fall

  • Japa- makes hair strong

  • Yashtimadhu- for hair growth

  • Jyotishmathi- keeps the scalp healthy

  • Kalonji- increases blood flow

  • Flaxseed- prevents scalp irritation

  • Jatamansi- helps hair growth

  • Chakramarda- relieves headache

  • Neeli- keeps hair dark

  • Mandukaparni- increases blood flow

  • Karanj- cures dandruff

  • Black sesame- helps hair growth

  • Black mustard- scalp conditioning

  • Shigru- relieves headache

  • Coconut (base oil)- nourishes and promotes hair growth.

Directions of usage-

Apply an appropriate amount of oil to the scalp while massaging it for improving circulation. Apply the oil on the hair shaft and take it to the ends as well. Use it at least thrice a week for best results. Keep it overnight or for two-three hours before shampooing your hair.

My experience with the product-

I've always trusted PARACHUTE for my hair. It always gives me great results. Parachute advansed ayurvedic hair oil consists of natural ingredients which helps in hair growth and prevents hair loss. I've been using this oil three times a week as an overnight treatment. The best thing about this particular oil is that it already contains a blend of ayurvedic ingredients to fight the damage due to pollution and chemical stress.


  • Natural blend of 25 ayurvedic ingredients which promotes hair growth.

  • Prevents hair fall.

  • Treats dandruff.

  • Imparts an amazing shine to the hair.

  • Makes hair manageable.

  • Controls frizz.

  • Hair feels smoother and softer with regular use.

  • Have a nice and soothing herbal scent.

  • Helps in improving scalp circulation.

  • Makes hair thicker and stronger.

  • Prevents split ends.

  • Provides nourishment and conditioning to the scalp.


  • None for me.

Will I recommend it?

Absolutely yes!!


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