TOP 5 Face Cleansers for Oily Acne Prone Skin Under 500 INR

Selecting a face cleanser that makes your skin clean without stripping natural oils is a must in every skincare routine. 

Having a good cleanser according to your skin type is extremely important as a good face wash can change your entire skincare game. 

A perfectly cleansed skin helps in better penetration of skincare products and it reduces clogging of pores which can result in blackheads, whiteheads or inflammatory acne.

I always focus on double cleansing during the night time as it perfectly melts sunscreen and makeup residue and makes the skin squeaky clean. I’ll make a post on cleansing balms and oils in another blog post. 

Today I will be sharing some of my tried and tested face cleansers for oily acne prone skin.

1. Cetaphil OS

Cetaphil is a brand that is trusted by many dermatologists across the world. This particular cleanser is targeted towards oily skin. It has a creamy texture and doesn't foam. The cleanser feels like rubbing a lotion on your skin but it leaves the skin clean and fresh without making it dry or stretchy. 

Price - 475 INR for 125 ml 


2. Saslic DS foaming face wash by Cipla

If you live in India, Cipla is a name that you must have heard. It is a famous pharmaceutical company which manufactures medicines and different personal care products. This Saslic DS face wash contains 2% salicylic acid.

Salicylic acid is a potent BHA or beta hydroxy acid which has keratolytic properties. It dissolves dead skin cell layers, removes excess oil and clear out the pores. This is a foaming face wash and it falls under the category of exfoliating face wash. It can be used 2-3 times a week at night for a clear complexion. Salicylic acid tends to dry out the skin so following with a good moisturiser is a must.

It retails for- 336 INR for 60 ml

3. Acmed Face Wash

This is another exfoliating face wash by the pharmaceutical company Ethicare Remedies. The face wash has a gel like consistency and it contains purple beads in it which needs to be burst first before application on the skin. It contains various ingredients such as salicylic acid, aloevera, tea tree oil, D-panthenol that are really helpful for acne prone skin.

It can be used every alternate night for best results.

The product retails for- 189 INR for 70 gm

4. Re’equil oil control face wash

Re’equil is an Indian brand that has come up with some really good skincare and haircare products. They have also started including some extremely good fragrance free products in their range, their atorep barrier cream and body lotion are my favourite.

Their oil control face wash foams really well and helps in cleaning the skin effectively without making the skin dry or stretchy. It can be used daily without any difficulties. It is sulphate free and soap free.

Price- 440 INR for 200 ml

5. Bioderma Sebium Gel Moussant Face Wash

Bioderma is another brand that really makes some very good products. Their blue colored face wash is no less. It has a gel mousse-like consistency that foams well on the skin. It also helps in cleaning any dirt or makeup residues from the skin making it look effectively clean.

Price- 375 INR for 45 ml

So these were some of my recommendations of affordable face washes available in India.

Hope you found the article helpful.

Thank you for reading.


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