Green Smoothie Recipe

Today I am sharing one my favorite green smoothie recipe. When it comes to eating green leafy healthy vegetables I am a bit picky. When I was a child my mom literally used to force feed me these things. Even though they are great for health I never found them palatable. Later in life I decided that if I can’t eat it I’ll just start drinking it up. So I add my greens into a blender with the fruits and additions of my choice make a quick blend and gather all the goodness.  
Prep time- 5 minutes

Equipment- Blender 


  • 200 ml coconut water/ one cup green tea.
  • One cup leafy greens you can use either spinach/kale/both,  depending on your choice
  • One frozen banana to provide a creamy consistency
  • One kiwi (green)
  • Half green apple
  • One tablespoon Chia seeds


Combine all the above mentioned ingredients in a blender. Mix until smooth. Pour it in your glass and drink up! 🥤 

You can add more coconut water for getting the desired consistency 🙂 

This smoothie provides a great amount of protein, fiber, iron, good fats, vitamins and minerals to your body. This nutritional blend gives a good boost to start your day without feeling too heavy on your tummy. 

It also helps in regulating weight and keeps you full for a longer period of time. 

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